Sexy Teacher Quits Classroom To Become Online Influencer

This beautiful teacher has decided to quit her teaching post at a primary school and launch a career as a social media ‘influencer’ instead.

Tatjana Kreuzmayr, 29, described as “Austria’s best known teacher” by local media due to her sexy looks and presence on social networks, even won the ‘2018 Influencer of the Year’ award has already netted 100,000 followers on Instagram.

The gorgeous brunette who has accounts on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook where she blogs about every aspect of her life quit life in the classroom at the end of term last week.

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Picture Credit: CEN

She said that, despite her job as a primary school teacher, “fashion has always been my daily dose of happiness”.

Now she has decided to make it her full time job after giving up her job as a teacher at the end of the summer term this year.

In a recently published interview she confirmed: “My name is Tatjana Kreuzmay, 29-years-old. I am an Influencer, until now I just did it alongside my main job as a teacher. But now I have made it my full-time job.

Tatjana wrote: “In 2015, I founded my blog because of my large social media following. People all over the world wanted to know more about my fashion tips and travel experiences.

“It became my second full-time job and I do it with passion. I want you to enjoy my visual diary and always remember to focus on the good!”

The stunning 29-year-old has enjoyed her social media adventures so much that she has decided to ditch her pupils after eight years as a teacher to become a full-time influencer and blogger.

The Austrian beauty, who has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, chronicles how she drinks cocktails at Vienna’s trendiest bars and travels to far-flung destinations.

Mostly, she is seen advertising a wide array of clothes and makeup products of which the majority seem to be paid sponsorship deals with various companies.

She revealed that she was honoured to hear that many people decided to become a teacher after discovering her on social media.

Tatjana said: “A lot of people became a teacher because of me.”

Her school boss in Vienna’s 18th district has kept the door open for her, saying she can always return if she wants.

She is not the online star to give up civil service for social-media influencing.

Police officer Adrienne Koleszar, 34, described as Germany’s sexiest cop, boasts 680,000 followers on Instagram.

The hot cop became an online sensation and annoyed her bosses with saucy snaps of her well-sculpted body in gym wear and skimpy bikinis while holidaying in sun-kissed locations.

In the end, police bosses in the city of Dresden gave her an ultimatum and asked her to choose between being a model/influencer and staying with the constabulary.

Reports said that she took off six months of unpaid leave to try her hand at being a professional influencer before putting her social media exploits on a back burner and returning to the force to keep the streets of Dresden safe.

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News