Pakistan Sex Pest In Austria Has Hand Chopped By Indian

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Picture Credit: CEN

A Pakistani sex attacker has been murdered and had his hand cut off after he allegedly tried to grope an Indian restaurant owner’s girlfriend during a party.

The incident happened during a house party in Innsbruck, the capital of the mountainous Austrian state of Tyrol.

The migrant, who was only identified as 28-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker A.J., was attending a party at the house of an Indian Sikh who is the owner of two restaurants in the Austrian state.

Together with the restaurant owner’s girlfriend and a female friend, both Indian Sikhs as well, they had reportedly consumed copious amounts of alcohol.

When the 22-year-old restaurant owner went away to the toilet, he suddenly heard a cry for help coming from the living room according to his own account.

He said he saw the Pakistani with a knife in his hand while groping one of the women, and he says he ended up in a fight with the man which turned into a struggle for the blade.

The Sikh said that the Pakistani was stabbed during the struggle for the knife and fell to the ground.

Yet instead of calling for medical aid, the restaurant owner says he then took the knife and stabbed the victim 11 times more in the stomach “out of blind anger”.

The restaurant owner says he then cut the man’s right hand off and shredded one of his cheeks with the blade while the women allegedly held the victim tight to the ground.

Chief investigator Walter Pupp said that the perpetrator most likely cut off the right hand as he used it to grope one of the women.

Pupp said that the restaurant owner’s statement about the events of the fateful evening seemed credible.

He said: “Basically, we assume that it went like this.”

The murder was discovered the day after it happened when one of the women called a Danish friend and told her about the shocking happenings during the party, upon which the Danish woman informed the cops.

According to local media, even the most hardened of the local police officers became nauseous when seeing the mutilated body.

All three Sikhs were taken into investigative custody.

Pakistani asylum seeker A.J. turned out to be known to the cops as he was previously convicted to five years in jail in 2014 for the rape and sexual assault of 12 women.

A.J. had previously asylum applications declined in Greece, Hungary and Austria. 

Upon his release from prison after just serving three years he received an eight-year entry ban into Austria but for unknown reasons he was never deported.

He instead managed to live illegally in Europe, travelling to Northern Italy, France and back to Tyrol without being caught.

Investigations are ongoing.

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Story By: Koen BerghuisSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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