Lake Complete With Three Nudist Camps For Sale For 30M

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Picture Credit: CEN/FKK Camping Muellerhof, CEN/Johann Jaritz, CEN/Matej Strasek & CEN/Google Maps

One of Austria’s largest lakes has been put up for sale for 30 million Euros complete with its very own nudist camps.

The Keutschach am See lake, which comes with a chalet on the shore and a pier, is up for sale in Austria’s Carinthia region for just 30 million EUR (26 million GBP). The sale is being handled by the Vienna branch of international auction house Sotheby’s.

It is Carinthia’s sixth largest lake, with a surface of 1.32 square kilometres (0.82 square miles). It lies south of Lake Woerthersee and is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the form of Neolithic pile dwellings, which is a type of prehistoric stilt house, which sit at the bottom of the lake and are believed to be up to 6,000 years old.

There are three campsites on the shores of the lake, the FKK Camping Muellerhof, the FKK Camping Turkwiese Kaerntner Lichtbund, and the FKK Sabotnik. All three of them are nudist campsites.

‘FKK’ stands for ‘Freikoerperkultur’ which means ‘free body culture’, a German movement that originated in the German town of Essen in 1898. It espouses the right to be free of clothing and to be at one with nature.

The chalet comes with four bedrooms and two bathrooms and the new owner will enjoy fishing rights. The lake is also a popular ice-skating spot during the winter months.

The Mayor of the Keutschach municipality, Karl Dovjak, said he had not been informed of the sale and found out about it at the same time as it was made public. He expects a longer sales process because talks will need to be held regarding usage of the lake, the beach resorts, and who will pay the water usage tax – called “Badeschilling” – which gives people the right to bathe there.

The mayor has ruled out the local community buying the lake, saying: “And where are we to find 30 million EUR?”

He added: “Lake residents, affected business owners, fishermen and of course we as a community have long-term contracts with the previous owners, which concerns various usage rights. We have always had a good relationship.”

A spokesperson for the Viennese branch of Sotheby’s international auction house told Central European News (CEN): “The lake really is one of a kind. Normally you can’t buy lakes in Austria. It has been privately owned for a long time.”

Speaking about the existing contracts between the current owners of the lake and the various businesses operating on its shores, she said: “Normally the contracts are passed on to the new owners.”

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-Editor: Alex Cope, Agency:Central European News