ISIS Mum At Begum Camp: Kids Being Groomed For Terror

A mother-of-two who fled Austria to join ISIS at 17 – and currently held at the camp where Shamina Begum was found – is begging to take her kids home after claiming some mums there are grooming their youngsters for terrorism.

Austrian-national Maria Golser, 22, who married an ISIS-fighter and has two children with him age three and one, is currently in a Kurdish detention camp in northern Syria.

Picture Credit: CEN

She recently told Austrian magazine Profil: “Me and my children have to get out of here as soon as possible.

Golser, from the historic town of Hallein in the state of Salzburg, fled Austria as a 17-year-old and went to join the terror organisation.

She said in an interview at the Al-Hol detention centre in Syria: “I am so very sorry.”

She added: “Many youngsters are being radicalised by their mothers and are preparing to become terrorists themselves.”

Golser and her children are not allowed to leave the camp and she spoke about the poor conditions, chaotic organisation and people not being registered properly.

The Austrian Foreign Ministry is investigating the possibility of bringing the children to Austria.

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said: “All aspects of the case are being investigated. The wellbeing of the children is the priority.

Only last month, Golser’s parents urged the government to bring their daughter and two grandchildren home after they were forced to survive on animal fodder.

At first, Maria wrote that her time in the so-called caliphate seemed like a holiday, but soon she started to complain that the situation was becoming a nightmare.

Maria’s mother Susanne has been desperately trying to get her daughter home and even sent her multiple transfers of thousands of euros to facilitate her journey back to Europe.

After sending the money, Susanne was charged by the authorities for supporting a terrorist group, but a court acquitted her two weeks ago.

Susanne and husband Markus recently visited their daughter at the camp and it was the first time they had seen their grandchildren Isa and Mohammed.

Markus said: “Our little grandson may not survive the hot Syrian summer in the tent camp.”

“He’s now one-and-a-half years old and cannot walk or crawl. He doesn’t have much meat on his bones.”

He said the camp’s medical care is abysmal and added that the children looked traumatised by the poor conditions and violence they have had to endure before the collapse of ISIS.

Maria’s parents hope that the new Austrian transitional government, which took over after Chancellor Sebatian Kurz’s government was dismissed on 28th May by President Alexander Van der Bellen, will be more sympathetic.

While Kurz’s former government was known for its hardline immigration and law-and-order policies, the current transitional government led by Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein is made up of independents, field experts and high-ranking bureaucrats.

Markus said: “We are hoping the transitional government has a different way of thinking about things.”

Maria is currently still on Interpol’s wanted-list, although her parents believe she did not commit any crimes, saying she was just a mother, spouse and housewife.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated that they cannot rule out Maria returning to Austria, but such situations usually apply to children and orphans being brought back for medical care.

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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