Farmer And His 87yo Dad Killed By Rampaging Bull

A German farmer and his dad have both been killed in an attack by a raging bull which kept rescuers at bay for 45 minutes before it was eventually shot.

The farmer, Josef Schoenberger, 60, had gone to check on the heard on a meadow in Gleissenberg, a rural community in the district of Cham in Bavaria in Germany.

When he failed to return home when expected, his 87-year-old father also called Josef Schoenberger as well as his elderly mother set off to find him. 

When the older man went into the meadow he did not even have time to see the danger before he too was also attacked by the bull.

The wife of the 87-year who did not enter the field and then raised the alarm, but rescuers were initially unable to get to the two men because of the angry bull.

It is reported that the bull managed to keep rescuers away for 45 minutes before it could be shot eight times and killed by police.

Police spokeswoman Sandra Mallman defended the time taken to kill the animal saying that the police service weapons were not powerful enough to take down the 600-kilogramme animal. In addition it was some 80 metres away from the officers in the centre of the field with its heard, so that the distance also weakened the power of the nine millimetre pistols that the officers had.

She admitted that they also had a machine gun pistol but this was also nine millimetre, and would therefore also not have had any ability to significantly harm the bull. Instead they had to wait until police officers some 12 kilometres away turned up with a G3 assault rifle. Even then it took eight bullets to kill the animal.

In 2012, police officers using their service pistols shot an animal that escaped from a Munich slaughterhouse 10 times with no effect again until a G3 storm rifle could be used to kill it.

It it is believed the bull was behaving aggressively because it had a number of calves in its herd and felt threatened by the two men.

But they also noted that the farmer was very experienced and was regularly on the meadow checking on the animals and had not experienced problems before.

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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