Far-Right Leader Invited Christchurch Killer For A Beer

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Picture Credit: CEN

An Austrian far-right leader invited the Christchurch killer for a beer in Vienna in emails that he tried to delete shortly before a police raid, it has been revealed.

Identitarian leader Martin Sellner was in contact with Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant in which he thanked him for donating cash to support the cause.

In one email he thanked him personally for the donation, and handed over his personal email address so he could be reached at any time.

Tarrant responded: “It’s only a small amount in comparison to all the work that you are doing. It’ll be a long way before we finally have victory but people are getting stronger all the time.”

In another exchange Sellner added “When you come to Vienna we need to go for a coffee or a beer together.”

And Tarrant responded: “The same goes for me, if you are ever in Australia or New Zealand, we got people in both countries that would welcome you into their homes.”

Previously Sellner had only admitted the correspondence was limited to a ‘thank you’ for the 2,430 AUD (1,500 EUR) donation to the Identitaere Bewegung Oesterreichs (IBOe) run by Sellner.

However he had retained screenshots of the conversations which were deleted shortly before a raid by Austrian intelligence services, the ‘Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekaempfung’ (BVT), in May. He said the screens had been taken to hand over to investigators.

It also turns out that Sellner had passed on a link to his YouTube channel which was greeted enthusiastically by Tarrant with the word “fantastic”.

Tarrant had also allegedly arranged to stay in Austria and organised the car although there is no evidence that the pair met.

The Austrian branch of the IBOe is part of a larger “identitarian” organisation that is now present in most European countries as well as in North America and New Zealand. 

They warn of a “great replacement” in which people in these countries will become minorities within a few decades.

The fact that he may have been warned about the raid also put pressure on the Austria’s Interior Minister Herbert Kickl who is himself a member of the far-right Freedom party. 

Asked about it in Parliament he said: “The investigations are still ongoing, and there will be a conclusion as a result of this at the proper time.” 

He said Austrian officials working closely with colleagues in New Zealand. 

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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