Daredevil Rides Vespa For 14km With Bag Covering Head

Video Credit: CEN/Gunter Schachermayr

This daredevil claims to have broken a world record after he was filmed riding his Vespa for 14 kilometres on a mountain road with a black bag over his head until cops finally stopped him.

Gunter Schachermayr has been setting world records with his Vespa for the last six years but his latest stunt saw him stopped by the cops on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road between Salzburg and Carinthia, Austria.

Schachermayr had set his mind on mastering the 46-kilometre panoramic road wearing a black face mask, preventing him from being able to see anything. He had to breathe through a bottle of oxygen which he in his backpack.

The team inside a support vehicle also gave him instructions via radio, to make him aware of other road users as the road had not been blocked for the world record attempt.

In the video, Schachermayr can be seen riding his black Vespa with the material covering his face.

He manages to round the bends of the mountain road with apparent ease as he follows the support vehicle.

The clip ends with him next to a police car and reports state he was stopped after 14.7 kilometres and charged with a series of offences, including not wearing a helmet and carrying a dangerous good.

The 41-year-old said: “It’s a new world record anyway… Although I’m a little worried about my driver’s licence.”

Schachermayr concluded that he could have been a risk to other road users on his video-documented journey. He spent three years preparing for the project and memorised each of the 36 corners of the road.

Schachermayr says: “I know exactly what speed and with which radius I have to drive around every curve.”

In the past, the Upper Austrian has repeatedly caused a stir with his endeavours. Previously, whilst riding on only the rear wheel, he rode up to the top of the Bergisel ski jump, attached himself to a bungee cord and plunged at full speed through five successive rows of glass.

In September, Schachermayr crashed into Lake Wolfgang with his Vespa tied to a dragon.

According to Schachermayr, only a handful of his world record attempts are actually recorded due to the high entry fees required.

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