Animal Abuse Charge For Farmer Who Painted Menu On Cows

An Austrian restaurant owner who had the menu of his restaurant painted on his cows is now facing animal cruelty charges for infringing on the animals dignity.

The Austrian Association Against Animal Factories(verein gegen tierfabriken) has filed a complaint with police claiming the mountain hut owner is violating the animals basic dignity.

The cows which roam the fields outside the Neugarten mountain hut in the Gerlitzen mountain range in the southern Austrian province of Carinthia have words such as bacon, cheese dumplings, beer and schnapps painted on their backs. The use of the word ‘Speck’ that refers to smoked meat typically from a pig has caused particular offence together with other meat offers like ‘Rippalan’, meaning spare ribs.

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Archive Picture – Bizarre Restaurant Owner Paints Menu On Live Cows
Credit: CEN/ Neugarten Hütte

They organisation said: “These animals will eventually be killed and made into meat and probably sold and eaten in this mountain hut.”

Austrian animal protection laws include a paragraph saying colouring the skin or tattooing the animals is banned for aesthetic and commercial purposes.

Hut owner Johann Maier said: “If this proves to be the case I will act accordingly.”

He said: “I did not know about this. but not knowing does not protect you.”

“We have been doing this for the last 15 years, so they are a bit late finding this out. We only use natural colours. The animal activists should come here and see for themselves what our animals are like The animals are free to roam on the meadows.”

Maier added: “We used to use food colouring, but it tasted sweet and the cows licked it off each other.” Since then they have used the same hair dye used by hairdressers.

Maier assured animal activists that only patient cows were given a paint job while stressed animals were spared being used as adverts.

Since the living menu was introduced, the area has reportedly since an increase in visitors hoping to enjoy a meal in the idyllic surroundings.

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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