Adorable Baby Storks Rescued From Roof After Mum Injured

Two baby storks have been rescued from their rooftop nest after their injured mother was found in a field with a broken wing and the pair were deemed too much for their dad to handle alone.

Earlier this week, firemen rescued an injured mother stork with a broken wing stranded in a field in Eibiswald in the district of Deutschlandsberg in the Austrian state of Styria after a concerned passerby called for help.

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Picture Credit: CEN/ Ferlitsch/ bfvdl

The injured stork was taken to the Vienna Veterinary Medicine University in the Austrian capital for surgery on its wing.

After discovering the stork had three younglings in its nest on top of the town hall in Eibiswald, rescuers went to check on them.

The following day, two of the three young storks were removed from the nest after it was decided that the father could not look after all of them.

Vet Gregor Stanek, who manages a stork relocation programme with the local authorities, said: “We removed the two weaker storks from the nest so they can be raised by experts. We believe the remaining parent will be able to feed and care for the third youngling.”

Firemen from the Eibiswald volunteer fire service carried out the rescue operation with the help of a crane.

The two young storks were taken to the Tillmitsch Stork Station in the district of Leibnitz in Styria.

Local mayor Andreas Thuerschweller said: “We have had storks in Eibiswald for over 25 years.

“This year, we were able to attract them back to the town hall with the expert help of Gregor Stanek.

“It is a real shame that now, following a series of unfortunate incidents, the birds have to be looked after elsewhere and may not be able to return to Eibiswald.”

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News