Abandoned Lamb Gets Nappies To Sleep In Carers Bed

Picture Credit: Newsflash/Animal Spirit Austria

A newborn lamb rejected by its mother has been saved after a kindhearted woman agreed to feed it by bottle every two hours – and put nappies on it so that it could even sleep in her bed to keep warm at night.

The baby lamb, named Henry, is staying with his carer named Sandra after he was headed into the Animal Spirit sanctuary in Laaben in Lower Austria after being rejected by his mother.

She had given birth to 3 lambs, and could not produce enough milk for all 3 resulting in Henry weakening and unlikely to survive.

The farmer had no time to spend feeding Henry every 2 hours, and the shelter needed a quick solution, which is when Sandra stepped in.

Picture Credit: Newsflash/Animal Spirit Austria

She managed to feed the lamb with cat milk, which while keeping him alive was not ideal, resulted in him being unwell and struggling to survive.

But after being kept in the warm in nappies, and being allowed to sleep in her bed at night, he is slowly recovered and gained strength.

He is already great friends with Sandra’s dog, Stella, who keeps an eye on the lamb, and when she cannot keep an eye on everything he is doing, she puts him in a baby crib.

Stella meanwhile is responsible for keeping the lamb clean with regular licks, and is making such good progress should soon be allowed to go back outside.

The Animal Association that Sandra works for is currently caring for around 600 unwanted animals mostly from farms and including pigs, poultry, goats, other sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs as well as llamas, donkeys and cows.

The Association lives solely from donations and sponsorship.

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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